Sunday, September 11, 2005


Yellow!? jeje...i really miss JynJyn...she got me saying that! I really REALLY miss her lotsa! She is great, and don't anyone ever say she's don't really know her them. :)

Well, as i said before, my weekend was great! I dont' even know how to begin it. For church this chemist person did the sermon...and that was some coolness! Changing the water and stuff to different colors and the coke can...and the smoke and all that cool stuff. I think that it would be great to have the knowledge of doing cool things with certain things...i love watching the chemical reactions and all that fun stuff...then it comes to the equations, and that kills me like wow! so i think i'll leave that to the expert chemist out there...and ill juss enjoy the "lab" part and let them do the thinking part. :)

Well, after i ate at the potluck after church, i met the person who did the sermon's daughter...she use to live at Adventist University of the Philippines...and i juss came back from that school...well actually her family juss came back from living there for 8 years...and my bestest buddy was told her to speak to me...and that girl spoke fluent tagalog to me! i was's not everyday that you hear a caucasion speak to you fluently in your native laguage...well not to me...that was cool...her and her brother sing really well..she has a high HIGH voice and she's really nice..i wish that she could come down more and we can talk more. that would be so cool :)
then i went to my friends house...and we watched Veggie Tales...i fell asleep in the middle of their living room! and then the mailman had to ring the doorbell! and then i woke up and went to my friends room and fell asleep there, and the my brotehr kept calling repeatedly and taht drove me up the i woke up and waht did i do?! uh-oh..i forgot...oh yeah...then me and my friend took foreve to get ready...and then we went to micheals and target...and then home and then we were bored and took a MILLION different pictures! yep! taht was fun! after my otehr friend and brother left (my brother didnt' take pictures with us) we still were continueing to take pictures...and then my bestest buddy went to sleep, and WE STILL CONTINUTED to take pictures..i didn't go to sleep until around 5:55am and my friend she went to bed at 6:30am...but wow, so much fun.

Then today, we moved my bestest buddy to school! sad ako! siyempre, kasi...SHE IS MY BESTEST BUDDY...and now she is far far away...jaja...okay...only an hour away...but it's still far away! i hope that she is okay though...i really do...i konw that she is gonna have fun today. i jsus know it.

You know waht?! i like mermaids. i really do. I think they are pretty...and i Leah...HOW DO THEY HAVE BABY'S!? and my bestest buddy brought up a point. they are half they lay eggs...that's weird. Wow...that is weird. If i were a mermaid, i would know...but since i'm not..i don't know...but one day...i will know...jajaja...i love being weird.

okay...that's enough now. :) "i'm never letting go!"

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