Friday, September 23, 2005

Weekend is here! seems like this week has dragged on FOREVER! But in other ways it didn't. I'm glad that tommarow is Saturday...finally a day of no expectations and rest. Well...there are some expectations...but then...all in's my day that God gave to me to fully relax and appreciate that i am alive to actually relax.

Well...i kinda sorta but not really redid my room. I wanna move more things around and stuff...but for now, i moved my computer desk...moved my laptop to my desk desk thing...and my bed. I'm comtemplating whether or not i should take down the beaded curtian that i put up in the middle of my room...most likely it is gonna stay there...i like it there...and it's different. I think my room looks a lot smaller than it really is...i have so much things! But i really didn't like how my computer and laptop was near my window where this is constant sunlight on them...i don't think that it hurts it...but i still didn't like that. So yeah.

I got to talk to my sister again today. She will be coming up again, soon. I miss her so much. I don't konw why, but we had to cut our talk short...but i can't wait to see her again. I know that i have so much to tell her! She is a great sister and i know that i'm so blessed to have a real sister like her. :)

I went to my lil sister's house today and had some more Laksa...that stuff is GOOD! It's like a malaysan dish or something...but i had something like that in the victory monument market...damn...i really miss that place a lot. Pero, ay naku! mashado maanghang naman! At least the one at my lil sisters house was! The one in thailand was perfect...but i could take it. I had mango juice. :)Anyways...there was this guy there that was like a massuse...HOWEVER you spell that word...and he was very MELISSA! i hope you know how to massage hands good...i LOVE it when people massage my hands when i'm sitting down...and a full back massage is good as well. :)

I also got to talk to my bestest buddy. I felt bad kasi we agreed that i would call her at 10:pm...but then i couldn't seriously! My lil sister's family wanted to have a sundown worship thingy and i was forced into it...and it wasn't until 10:27pm that i could call. But i really miss her a lot. She is a great bestest buddy....She is a RA this year...and i know that she will do a good job at it too. She is a damn straight hard worker...but she makes time for her know who i'm talking about! I LOVE YOU! :) lil sis will be sleeping over tommarow...kasi her mom's wedding reception will be on sunday...that's gonna be a lot of fun! Her wedding pics are AMAZING...! It makes me wanna go out and get my own wedding pics...oh and this one guy agreed to take some together...that would be really cool if it really happened. :) Kinda tripy though. :) I really wanna be a wedding planner...dang...that would be the most funnest ever! i think that is one of the many things that i will be...but first and Early Childhood Education i LOVE them! :)

Well...gosta wake up early tomarrow! So goodnight and sweetdreams for now!

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