Friday, September 9, 2005

The weekend is finally here!

Hm...i know i can say that i am so happy that the weekend has finally come around. Not that this week has been the worst ever...but it was sorta long. Nothing really stuck out and stuff...juss a normal week...i guess the only difference is that i have been living in my little sister's house...not mine. I really can't wait until i get my own place in Florida...i wanna be finished with school and start my life.
Well, i can't say that i really have anything planed for this i hope that something pops up. All i know is that i go to church tommarow, which is a good thing. Not only to worship God, but to see the people that i haven't seen in a week. :) But worshiping God is a big thing. And so yeah.

Well, i painted my nails again, and i couldn't decide which color, and so i painted them every other blue and every other green. The good shiney mirror ones...they sorta look the same though...but it's all cool. i hate my middle right doesn't look right, but i don't really care. :)

You know what i know how you have those double feelings?! like hm..for example...your happy your friend that you tutored got an "A" on the test...but mad kasi you didn't get as good of a grade, but it was YOU who tutored her. how do you know which feelings are more stronger?! How is it that in one second, you could feel so much feelings? I think that it's actually pretty cool. Like you love him so much...that you hate him. jeje...i've used that one before...but it's true. There is this one guy that i loved so much, that i ended up not really likeing him. But i know that i still loved him. But he's not one of my favorite guys. It' weird, yet so complicated the way that God made us, huh?

I'm talking with my friend about how early we have to wake up for certain things. Why can't we be there is 24 hours in a day...and so we should split it up...12 hours awake time and then 12 hours sleep time. Jeje...tell me that wouldnt be cool...well...we could split it up in this way too: 12 hours where it is the stuff that you HAVE to do...and then 12 hours where it's juss "you" time. where you sleep and have fun. That would be cool too. :) I hate waking up early, i would like to say that i'm not a morning person...but i know that it's all in the mind...but i still hate waking up in the morning and i feel more cranky in the morning...actually...i feel more cranky when i'm even if it's late at night and i'm sleepy and tired...i'm not in the best of moods.

Oh that's another one that can you be sleepy but not tired. I say that a lot...and when i think about's pretty weird.
I really wanna learn how to surf. I mean, i know i can't say that...but i have tried it a couple times...and it was SO much fun! i wish i had the opportunity to get really good at it. That and wakeboareding...maybe i could get my sister's boyfriend to teach me one day. He's nice and VERY maybe one day. But it IT gonna be one day. That is one of my lifetime dreams that is gonna be a reality. i really wanna. oh and i wanna get a licence to SCUBA dive. That would be A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!


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