Wednesday, September 7, 2005

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Today was a pretty uneventful day. But it was a good day to relax and juss have a me day. But i guess that can get sorta boring...i have so much energy that i have to force myself to sleep tonight...whoops, i guess it's already to late for that. :) It's morning already. :) I need to start going to sleep at a decent hour and wake up at a decent hour.

I know that it's not New Years yet...but i'm gonna make two new goals. 1) Wake up at a decent hour and go to sleep at an okay hour. 2) have a more healthy lifestyle. yep yep...okay, i'm not UNhealthy, but i would like to be more healthy. but yeah...maybe if i post this in my blogs i would be motivated to keep them. :) At least im working out everyday now. :) that has to count for something...:)

You know one thing i wonder about? You take naps, right?! During the get sleepy, so if you have the take a nap. It's bright outside...the sun is shining in your eyes...and when you close your's not's like dark know what i'm talking about. You can turn the lights off...but there is still light. You know what i'm talking about. But when it comes to nightime...most people want it dark. Like they claim they can't sleep with the lights on. How is that?! If your really tired....can't you sleep through anything? I get that all the time. Like people say they can't sleep if there is even the littlest bit of light. i was juss wondering about that right now.

well, yeah...that's my thought for today.

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