Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Invalid Subject line, you cannot leave the subject blank.

Hello. How are you? What do I want to talk about right now? I know that I always have to have something to talk about. But right now, SO many things is going through my head, that as soon as I type one word another thought comes to mind!
I'm so alone right now. Where is Milo?! Oh, there he is...i think that it's adorably cute how Milo comes into the room every so often to check to see if i'm "okay" i guess. Well, he goes to sleep in "my" room, and then if i'm not in the same room as him, he comes around every so often, either to see if i'm still where i am, or if i'm okay...or iono...i think that it's cute whatever it is. And it's always for only like 30 seconds. So he's gone now since i can't type all this in 30 seconds. That would be so cool if i could. :)
I don't have school tommarow. I had school today, and i didn't know what was going on with me?! It was like my mind was on vacation or something! Whatever the teacher was talking about...i was trying to force myself to pay attention...but it wasn't working! I would like repeat every word he said in my head...but still it wasn't working. And it wasn't only me...it was my whole class! Yesterday, i wrote so many letters. I love to write letters. And i love getting them...it shows that people out there still love little ol' me. :)
Wow...sorry, this is one boring blog...i think i'm juss gonna stop for now, and go watch something. If i decide to write something more interesting...i'm write...but as for now...i'll juss let you go before you die of boredom! ;) (OOOHHH, so cute...my first face that i used on this thing...juss wanted to check it out. :) i know i'm wierd...look, i'm still useing the keyboard faces! :) yeah...i like that one up there...:) )

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