Thursday, September 1, 2005


well, i know that i already wrote a blog today...but then, don't have a limit as to how many blogs you can write, right?! well, right now i'm here in my lil sister house, all, i take that back...i'm not alone <thank you sooo much Jesus for that!!!!> i'm here with Milo. I love dogs...and they are good company. right now he is sitting on my looks like he is sleeping, but i don't know how he could be sleeping with all the noise of this typing does! it's so loud! jajajaja...oh well...i'm glad for the company he brings me.

it was so funny, i told my brother to come in the house with me, at least so that he can turn on all the lights, but he was like i'm a big girl now, i can do it myself...and it didn't look that dark, and so i did...i went up to the door, turn off the alarm, and then opened the door, when all of a sudden ALL THE LIGHTS TURNED OFF! and i was like, "oh hell naw!! i can't do this!" and so i turn back, and i see that the only light on is the car lights...and so i'm motioning for my brother to "come here!" but he doesn', and then all the lights turn back on, and then i'm yeah. i know that those of you who don't know me must think i'm weird...but's all good. you either know me, or you don't...and if you do know me, you can either love me or not, there's nothing that i can do about that. :)

well my lil sister and rara are gone. they are prolly half way to malaysa right now, for which i am sooo envious of. but thats okay, i know that when they come back...there'll be so much stories...and i won't be the only one who's "tan." jajajajaja...inside jowk i guess...but if you really wanna can figure it out on your own. i'm suppose to be house sitting again with my brother, but my brother doesn't want to sleep over...but that's okay, i have Milo here with me. but i sure do miss Sammy and my baby Baili...but it's okay. :)
Class today was was really interesting, but it still was a lecture...well it was more like 1 1/2 discussion and then a 10 minute break and then another 1hour and 20 minute disscusion, then finally HOME SWEET HOME! but i'm not home, i'm here. :) but yeah. that was too much discusion over the same thing practically! but it was really eye-opening. i learned new things. and it was good. but my classmate, Katie...saw that i was about to go insain and all that good she passed me over some gum...and i took some...and it had a weird taste to i asked her what kind was it, and it was called "jolt" it was a type of gum with caffiene in it! oh joy! i want some more! :) so that was cool. i think i'm the second youngest in that class...the other person, who is THE ONLY GUY IN THAT CLASS, is still in highschool. the rest are already older than me. :) but then again, they thought that i was still in highschool...i guess you can't tell this is my 3rd year in college...but i guess...when i get older, it's gonna be good. as for now, i wish people would TREAT ME MY AGE...:) it's all good though. i'll be in a different state next year...or even country! :)

i was kinda dissappointed..i was gonna go see leelo, pres, rose and julius today...after my class...but then i found out my mom is gonna be going to work, and she needed the car, and so we couldnt' use the car...i really can't wait until we get that new car my mom said that she was gonna get me and my brother! :) but most definitly tommarow...i have NO CLASSES. so that is good. :)

well...i think that i'll go and do some studying for now...maybe watch a movie...or call a friend...i HATE being alone...but i'm not...i'm with Milo...but i still HATE being a long as all the lights are's a good thing i'm comfortable in this of my many "2nd" homes. i think i'm more comfortable HERE than in my house since i've only lived in my house for 4 months...yeah, it takes me FOREVER to get used to a house or place that i can be comfortable in it and to actually sleep comfortably. yep, that's juss me.

hm...wonder if i'll ever grow out of that. i know that something happened really bad to me when i was younger...not bad nessisarry (i know i can't spell!)...more like tramatizing...but that has to do with the reason why i'm scared of whats in the dark and the dark...but not why i hate being a lone...but i think i can tolerate being a lone, rather that the dark more if i was alone in the dark...i seriously don't know what i'll do, i hope that my brain shuts down and i go unconscience...that will be cool...but i know that that might not happen...or i could hyperventilate...(something i notice that happens when i'm in the dark) and die. but yeah...well yeah...

i will go now...i need to see what Milo is up too, he juss jumped offa lap. :)

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