Saturday, September 3, 2005

Hi and hello! i am in my room...about to go to my little sister's house in a while...but i'm here listening to the cd that my bestest buddy made for me...and i really like these songs!!

i love Saturday's. I remember when i was younger i didn't really fully appreacitate the real meaning of Saturday. I remember not really wanting to go to church at an unholy hour, waking up at even a more unholy hour...trying to hurry to get ready for church...trying to make myself presentable...while i was not even fully awake. Not even after a shower could i wake like waking up on Saturday knowing that God gave me this day to relax. Sometimes i still feel like not waking up, i mean, why do we have to wake up so early when this day is suppose to be a day of REST! jajaja....i don't think that i'll ever get that.

last night i was talking again to my bestest buddy...and i asked the question why aren't we allowed to get married in heaven. I mean like where in the bible does it say that we coudln't have a boyfriend or girlfriend or a spouse or get married in heaven. I don't understand that. we both dissagreed on why...but then today in church...the pastor said that the greatest commandment in the bible was "love the Lord your God with all you heart, mind, soul and strength." well...when you think about, i guess...that is how you are suppose to love you spouse, right? so when we are in heaven...maybe we won't get married, and we wouldn't WANT to get married because we are in love with God that much, you know. yeah...i dunno, i was juss thinking that.

OoOoO...i'm listening to the CD now to another cd my bestest buddy made for me...laura think the last name is wrong...but something like that...and i LOVE this first song! "I Need Love" Here are SOME of the lyrics...well, if they are sorta wrong, i'm juss typing them as i hear them...and i'm not THAT fast of a typer okay?! :)

"I'd cross the desert to be where you are, oh the things i do to be close to you. A million miles wouldn't seem that far, i'd go anywhere juss to win your heart. But wherever this leads, there's something i need. I need love, the kind that makes yo uwanna live, the kinds that makes you wanna breath....(whoa...too fast now!) And when i see you i juss lose my mind, your the everything i thought i'd never find. must be an angel watching over me, with a little luck we're gonna make you mine. cause i wanna believe...i know we could be...and i'll catch you when you'll fall, be the greatest love of all, i promise to be, if you give me all i need, i need!!! I need love, the kind that makes you wanna live, the kind that makes you wanna breath...."

jajaj..oh okay..i can't type all of it, and yeah...but yeah, if you know that song, it's one of the cutest song. Well, at least i think.
well, tommarow is my baby neices birthday. hm...maybe i should say it in a different way...but it's NOT her birthday..but her birthday PARTY! her real birthday is on the 5th of September. I love this girl so much! maybe i shoudln't call her baby anymore...she is a big girl now, she is turning 6 years old. But she will always be my little baby girl. :) you know how that goes. :) i know that i'm gonna have so much fun. I always have fun with little kids...they are sooo unpredictable...and so fun...full of surprises...and i juss love them... brother juss came into my room, and we have to go now to my lil sis's house's 10:54pm, and so yeah...but i'll be here back in my house tommarow! but yeah, for some reason, i don't think that you really care. :) jajaja...but yeah...goodnight and sweetdreams for now! :)

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