Thursday, September 29, 2005

hey yo'!'s been awhile since i really wrote one here, huh? okay, well, not REALLY long time ago, but some time ago. But yeah...well, my week has been pretty slow...did some stuff and got through with it. Good...iono what is wrong with my DOOR! My brother juss came in here to get something, and it's like my door IS GROWING! Well, i told my sister's boyfriend about it before...kasi there was this one time where it coudn't even close! And he said that because of the weather, the wood on my door keeps on expanding and then de-expanding, if that is possible, depending how cold or how hot it gets. It got to that point where my dad sandpapered my door juss so that it could close without any struggle, but now it's acting up again, maybe because it's getting hot again.

What is it with this weather?! I love it being hot, i really do, but then, it's hot then it get FREEZING cold, and i'm not a fan of the cold weather all that much. but then, i'm not complaining about this wonderful weather as for now.

Well, last week, two of my classes got canceled, and i was sorta ticked that i didn't get a phone call and stuff...LONG story...well, i guess i can tell the shortened version of it. I like to tutor foreign students who have a hard time in class....and in my Music for ECE class i'm tutoring this one lady that has a hard time speaking and sorat understanding English, she speaks cool! well, we were suppose to have a test on tuesday, and our class is at 2:pm, and she asked me to come at 10:30 in the morning so that i can help her in her last minute study...she studied everything already, juss wanted me to go over with her AGAIN! But it's all good, that is why i'm there. But then she calls at 12:pm and tells me that she is sorry, she had another class, and forgot to tell me. And so I ask her if she is gonna come now...and she said yeah, so i waited and at 1:pm she said that she changed her mind! and since i was a nice girl, i juss swollewed my anger and said  okay, and since it was only one more hour until my class i stayed there. 2:pm rolled around and i went to class only to find a notice posted up saying that we didn't have class that day! OH MY GOODNESS! i have to admit that i was sorta mad...but oh okay...that's okay, it's life. Sorta almost same thing happened last Thursday. Oh well...

Well, today, thursday again, i go to class...class starts at 6:pm, right? Well, i go to class, and wait, it's only 4 of us there...and then the teacher calls and says that she is on her way, but she had gotten a flat tire, so we waited...the teacher didn't come until 7:30! originally i would have been upset for waiting that long, but i had a lot of fun conversations with my classmates, and the teacher, she is really cool, and i think she is one of the best teachers that i have ever had! She is awesome, and it wasn't her fault that she had a flat tire, and then there was hella i feel bad for her.

So what had happened was i signed up for this class, Intro to ECE, and then this teacher other than the teacher that it said was suppose to be our teacher came and said that the teacher that was suppose to be teaching our class was having complications with her pregnancey, or something like that, and so the school had to find someone who could teach the class, and this teacher we have now is really cool. But she lives 2 hours away from the school, and it's the only class that she would be teaching in SCC. So she has some crazy commute. She accepted the job, kasi she is cool like that, and she knew that we really needed a teacher. I love her, she's a great teacher. Damn though! TWO HOURS! yeah, she's cool.

I got to talk to my sister. She is up at PUC na. She is there with her boyfriend...can everyone say "AWWWWWW" jejeje...yeah, that's cute. But yeah, i hope that i could see her. I might go up there tommarow, MIGHT. i'm not sure yet. I miss her a lot. But i know that she is also gonna be coming up next week for my brother's birthday, so that's good. It's crazy how much i miss her...but i do.

I also got to talk to my insan. I love her baby so much! She is so tiny! but i know that she will grow...damn..she is adorable!

well, i guess i gosta go na!

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