Friday, September 2, 2005

Here I am again...

Here I am again, in my little sister's house, but i'm not only with Milo this time. My brother is on the phone with his friend ;). I really wish that i could be in Malaysa right now. But it's day i'll be there...Jajajaja....Milo is sleeping under my chair on my's a good thing too, he is keeping my feet warm. But then i juss moved my feet and he hella jumped...aww..i feel bad for laughing. :)
Well, as i was watching I, Robot (with the hottest guy on earth (Will Smith)) sister called me! It was only for like 5 minutes...but she was calling to tell me that she is on the way to Holister now with her boyfriend. But *SURPRISE* her boyfriend said that he was gonna drive her down here for one day. Oohh...i love her boyfriend, he's such a great guy!...and i can't wait to see my sister. I told her to come here on Sunday so that she can be here for our neice's birthday party...but might be tommarow. She doesn't want my parents to know, and she doesn't want my brother to she juss told me. We haven't seen her for a while, and so it will be good to see her again.
I didn't have classes today. I sorta like my schedule. I have classes only on monday, tuesday and thrusday. but then it's all so late...night classes, the other classes were already filled. but that's okay. At least i can wake up late, diba?! :) Oh and for all those who don't know...i go to Solano Community College. But only for this year...i'm off to Florida or Thailand...hopefully Thailand. But yeah. :)
I was talking to my bestest buddy last night and we were talking about that hurican...that mean one that is killing and making so many people homeless! I wanna go there. I wanna go there to help those who need help. I know that they need help! So anyone...if you know of some group that is going out there to help...PLEASE TELL ME! i would really like to go there and volenteer my time there for a while. I know that they need all the help they can get...and our prayers.
I really can't wait til we get to go to heaven. No more pain or suffering...everyone will be happy and we will be having the time of our lives...but since that time is not here yet...i wanna help those who are in pain and who are suffering...i wanna help them! So i hope that it is in God's plan that i can go to those places...yep...that's what i'm thinking right now.
Well, thas all for now!

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