Thursday, September 1, 2005

Another summary of who cares?!

well, i'm extremely excited that my baby niece is finally here in the world. Her name is Layanna <although my personal nickname for her is Leelo>, she was born yesterday, August 31, 2005 at around 4:30pm. She is 19 inches and 7 pounds and uhm..iono how many oz. I get to see her today, and i'm so excited about that...but after my class which ends at 9:15pm today....OOOOHHHH...i hope that i get out early today! It is always so sad when someone has to leave this world of the living...not only does it hurt your heart in a way that noting can hurt it, but it kills apart of you. That is why babies come into the world. So that part of you that died, will live again...not in the same way but in a different way through the life of the new this case Leelo. :) So my many congratulations too the new mommy and daddy....and Baby girl <rosemarie> i hope that you like your early birthday present! :)

well yesterday i got to hang out with my good friend Tamara, since we both didnt have school yesterday. we watched hella't sit THAT long...but i did get my nails done. Yep...miss rara can do my nails like no one else can. You know when i think about it...not many people have done my nails...everytime i ask...they always say that i could do my own nails. yeah, i know i like to paint my own nails, make them look how i want them to look, make my own designs and all that fun stuff...but sometimes i wish that someone else would do my nails. I'm always doing other people's nails with my designs and all that good stuff...sometimes i would like the favor returned to me. :) so thanx SO much Rara for doing my nails. Their beautiful :) And i LOVE those hand creams that you used on my made my hands feel SOOO soft! :)

hm...the last person i talked to on the phone was my little sister, Melissa and Miss Rara  herself. They are the most luckiest people alive at this i am typing this, they are on their way to Malaysa. I'm so jeaslous...i wanna go travel again! Malaysa seems like a great place to go...nice and hot, with sun shining down on you...and i like that part of the earth :) It was funny...lissa called from the's a wonder she didn't get caught! :) i remember going to Thailand with JynJyn and we were useing our phone's like crazy! we got caught...but then since we are soo innocent looking..."we didn't know that we weren't suppose too!" jajajajaja...good times...and i miss it. I really wish that i could have gone to malaysa though.

my classes are going...they are really interesting! Last night i spent the night my lil sis's house to keep her company for the last time she was home. Her mom and her mom's fiancee is already in malaysa getting ready for the wedding, so she has been home alone...and i came over...but i wasn't that much of good company...for one thing she was still packing...and didn't need my help and for another thing i was studying. studying...that is a new thing...jajajaja...i use to take my good grades for granted...didn't have to i WANT to try and my books are really interesting...but i still have that trouble sitting still. but these books really caught my attention.
when i was half finished with my chapter...i went out of "my" room to see what was up with Lissa...she was still packing, doing last minute laundry (hold on! phone ringing!), and watching on of my favorites...HITCH! i watched half of Hitch...i love that movie...but i dont' get it, why did HITCH have to apologize to that girl! HE didn't do anything was her all along...she was the one that messed up his life and the life of albert and allegra! but i guess, it's a movie, and it makes me smile.

well, earlier on this week, i was going through my stuff...if you know me, you know that i keep EVERYTHING! every letter, every memobillia...(wow...BIG WORD), practically EVERYTHING...i went through letters. i'm a letter's more personal than e-mail and you get to keep the letters that they write back...and it's in their handwriting, not some printed out e-mail...although i got a few of those as well :) i guess i'm sorta organized...i have my letters from friends..."love letters" and that is organized in itself....and letters that meant SO much to me that i couldn't throw them out...and i guess i meant letters like notes and pictures and drawings and stuff like that. i was reading them and hit me how much of my friends that i don't talk to anymore and we were once close. i mean we are still friends, but we use to be so much closer.

i guess friends do come and go in your life. i mean...they come and they leave a part of themselves and you give a part of yourself and then we move on. i guess we will always be friends...but in a different sense. there were some letters that i looked at and said that i know that i could go to that same person after not talking to them for years, and still trust them, the way that i did before. it might take a long time explaining about things...but it would be like NOT before but now in before. jajaja...did that even make any sense?! no...i guess i'm not making any sense right now.

well, we're gonna be moving back to the v again. but i'm starting to like it here in fairfield. it's different...and there are different people, but that's how it is everywhere...right?! i haven't even lived here for a full year, and even then, I haven't even been home for that long...around only four months...but i think that i'm liking it here. i either wanna stay here...or move FAR away...really far away. perferably out of CA. i know that my heart will always be in CA...but i've been here all my life, and i liked living in the was a different environment, a whole new different place, i met different kinds of people, and it was fun. i living in different countries. its fun. :)
i hope that my sister will be able to drive up soon. i got to talk to her...and it was felt good talking to her. it's amazing how close we are. before we would have gladly taken each other's life with no guilt or conscience...but we have grown past that...and i love my sister so much! we shared so much in our 30 minutes converstation...and i miss her a lot. i'm really glad that she's happy with her life right now. she's a GREAT person, and i love her to death!

well....i can't wait to see my AMBA friends so looking forward to that...and with that in mind...laterz for now!

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