Friday, August 5, 2005

my nails are wet!

can you believe that my brother trusts me to cut his hair?! BUT MY NAILS ARE WET! i woke up wanting to paint my nails...which i haven't felt like doing in such a long time...and so i finish my nails and they are beautiful as always <ahhh...i felt conceited for saying that!> and then i get out of my room since it's sooo hot! but me love the hotness...and i hear my brother downstairs, so i see what he is doing, and he is cutting his hair...then he needs my help, which i am willing to give, but MY NAILS! but i love my brother so i help him, now i am hopeing and praying that hair won't dry on my nails and yeah...but it's okay...i'm not that much caring for my nails anymore...but i don't want them to look terrible...okay...i better get ready kasi i'm gonna be going to Melissa's house today...we're gonna eat leftover soup....whoops! i mean... swear...i can't wait to try it lis! oh yeah..."i gave you everything/i love you endlessly/but when it comes to me/you don't even notice me!" we should walk to church holding hands! oh okay...that was an inside joke, now i'm gonna go now since it's really obvious that i'm juss in a really talkative mood...maybe that's why i'm talking on the phone as well! oh okay...i'm out!

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