Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Long Day!

woke up today at like 9:am...and yes that is EARLY for me...and i go to my little sister's house to help her get ready since her mom's fiancee is moving in....and SHE DROPS HER FUTON THINGY ON MY TOE! MY BIG TOE! it hurt so much, and it still's either brused really REALLY bad, or it is sprained! owuches! but that's okay...i still love her...but f'realz swear i think she has sooo much stuff that she has to have TWO rooms! one for her stuff and one to sleep in. that is craziness! but i had to help her sort through her stuff, and she is juss like me, she is a pack rat! she keeps EVERYTHING! and i know how it is to throw anything away, but i am proud of her...she did throw a lot of stuff away. and we find out that HER MOM IS THROWING A WEDDING TOMMAROW! i am sooo excited...i really with that i could go to Malasya with her though, that is where the real wedding is. i hope i can...i can always hope and pray...:) and i'm a bridesmaid. I'm excited. I love weddings...and i LOVE being a bridesmaid. i can dress up and look all pretty for once...but no matter what...NO ONE can EVER out do a bride. their face says it all...sooooo happy! well, i better go to sleep now...i have a long day tommarow! AND I'm sooo excited..but i need to get my beauty rest!

[Transfered from my myspace blog]