Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I'm happy for today...

yesterday was NOT good....so i'm glad that that is over. today was okay too. i miss my sister. i got to talk to her for like 1 minute...no actually it was less than a minute. okay...lately i have been feeling traped like i can't really talk to anyone...and i think it's about time to vent...but my sister doesn't have time anymore...and how much closer can you get than to your own blood sister :)
i also got to talk to my lovely pregnent cousin Presmarie..and her adorable daughter, my niece, rosemarie. it has been like FOREVER since i talked to them or even seen them. Pres is now pregnent for 9 months and 1 week. so leelo is comeing any day now, and i'm sooo excited! she said that she is due on the 18th of this September...and that seems like FOREVER away...but i mean HELLO she is NINE MONTHS PREGNEnT! that has to count to something! oh my bad...i mean 9 months and ONE WEEK!
it's rosemarie's birthday in like 6 days...right? hmmm...her birthday is September 05. and she is having her party this sunday...i'm excited bacause i can play with a lot of little kids since she invited her whole class! and there will be so many kids! oh...i love kids...and mommy can't run around with them since she is fully pregnent....so i have volenteered my time to them! :) but of course i'll be there...i love Rosemarie SOOOO much! :) and i'm soo sad i missed her 5th birthday last year....so i better make it up this year...especially since her daddy and uncle marvin and uncle stephen and auntie ila can't be here. so yeah.
whoops, gosta go!

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