Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I want blueberries right now!

wow...and i thought that i was lucky that my classes started at 2:pm today...but DANG! imagine this from 2:pm-4:45pm ONE CLASS then from 6:pm-9:pm ONE CLASS!! and from 4:45pm to 6:pm i'm in the library "studying"....but today...my first teacher said that she thought that it was "not right" to keep us for the whole time on the first day so she only kept us for ONE HOUR...so that meant that i had THREE HOURS TO KILL before my next class...i ended up going to the library and "studying" for like 10 minutes...then i tried to text my friends...didn't work...then i tried to call my friends...NO ONE PICKED UP....then i juss ended up writing. Different short stories...letters...poems... stuff like that. that made time sorta fly...but i wasn't having that much fun, so...it didn't really "fly..." :)

My music for Early childhood education was FUN! its juss like my Art of ECE...but with music...what fun is that!? and my Human <childhood> development...that is a lot of fun too...now only one more class to see if it's fun. and that would be my Introduction to Early Childhood Education. I'm hopeing that it would be fun since my other classes that i'm taking for it is fun. But iono...we can always hope.
Me and my bestest buddy right now are talking about "finding that rare guy." you know the guy that is so rare that you would be lucky to meet him twice...so you have to watch out for him, kasi you only get one chance to meet him. I was telling her that God or someone really close to God and me will have to smack me upside the head and literally TELL me BLUNTLY what he is doing in my life at that moment...kasi knowing myself...i would either push him away...not want to meet him...or juss let him walk on by. When i think back to my younger years...i laugh and smirk at my thoughts of wanting to be married by the age of 23...so that i can spend "fun time" with my husband while im young...now it's like WHAT WAS I THINKING!? i mean...yeah, i think that it would be fun to have that special someone to spend my youth with...going out and having fun and stuff...but MARRIED! i dont think so! that is in THREE YEARS...and i still want to get MY life started on.

It's funny when you think about it, huh? when you are little you think that you have all the time in the world to have fun. Your parents want you to study, study, study, since you have all the time in the world to have fun. YOU yourself make plans of your life, and you think that it's that easy. but when you reach that certain age...you look back and say...where did all that time go?! I mean...when you are young and little...you parents want you to have good grades so you study and have little fun and you think "when i grow up, i'm gonna go out and travel and have fun!" then you get to highschool, and your parents want you to study to get that scholarship to this one college. so you do that...trying to squeeze in those times of fun. when you do get to college, and you finally use that scholarship that you worked so hard to get...all you can think of is to do good in school so that you can get a good career...and then after that...what next. you get your good career..and when was your time of fun?! now that your have your degree or master's or whatever you have...you have to WORK TO PAY OFF YOUR LOANS AND TO MAKE A LIFE FOR YOUSELF! and you think to yourself...fine...i'll work and pay my loans off and make a life for myself and then i'll have my fun...by that time, you either have kids...a husband...or your juss plain old to do the stuff that you have always wanted to do. where's the fun in all that? oh okay...kids are fun...your husband is fun...but what about those other times where you want to have fun?! I guess that is where you pray for God/Jesus/Christ to come fast so that we don't have to work anymore..and it'll juss be plain FUN FUN FUN! :)

I think that my door GREW. Seriouso ako! i mean...like i am gone for around a week and when i come back...my door can't shut kasi it doesn't fit in it's frame that well...you have to really shove it to close the door and then...you have to really pull it to open it!...and it made this REALLY loud sound like you know that your forceing it open or close...it was sooo weird...the last time that happened...it was in my dorm room at PUC...and then THE DOOR FELL OFF IT'S HINGES! juss like that...the DOOR FELL! that was weird...i remember...i had juss gotten my computer monitor...and i didn't want it to get stolen...i didn't and that is a whole new story...any ways...my dad sanded it to a proper shape, now it can close and open properly. i don't know what happened there...that was weird. i was gone for ONLY a week...well, i little longer...and then i come home to an overgrown door or something. is that even possible?!

i dont' know why i'm gonna say this...but i LOVE mangoes, and all kinds of berries...except for cranberries...i can live with them, but i would rather not. but i'm craving for blueberries right now...juss wanted to say that....

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