Tuesday, August 9, 2005


today was FUN! i was burried in the sand....and dang, i think i couldn't breath...and yes, it is WRONG to pour water over someone who is burried in the sand! :) and swimming in the beaches of northern ca...now that is cold stuff! more like FREEZING! i really with that i could be a mermaid, now wouldn't THAT be cool! i would hook all my friends up with the treasure's under the sea...and i would be able to swim all day long and never get cold, i could go to hawaii and the philippines! wow...i could always imagine! but yeah...i think that was supper fun. boogey boarding...well, it didn't really REALLly work out, but it was fun. and i did swim in the cold COLD freezing FREEZING water. i miss going to the beach a lot....but when i'm in Florida...that will change...but i still dream of Thailand....we can always hope can't we?! :)

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