Thursday, August 4, 2005

An application!! Maybe one day I'll need them! :)

BoYfRiEnD aPpLiCaTiOn (Ne TaKeRs???) 
Zodiac sign:
Religious background:
Student or working?:
If working, where do you work & what do you do?:

Why do you want to fill this out?:

What do you think about me?:

What was your first impression of me?:

Do you still feel that way?:

Do you wanna kiss me?:
Kisses or hugs:

Do you like to cuddle?:

If you had the choice of either going out and hanging with your friends..... or spending the night with me, what would you choose?:

Pick one word to describe me:

What reminds you of me?:

On our first date, where would you take me?:

If your favorite Sport/Television show was on... but so was mine and we only had one TV... would you let me watch what I wanted, or what you wanted?:

If I was wearing really ugly clothes, would you still show me off to your friends?:

Do you like to be in charge?:

Do you consider yourself FUN?:

Do you fall in love easier than most?:
Have you ever cheated on past girlfriends?:

Do you get depressed easily?:

Pick a random color, doesn't have to be your favorite:

What do you spend most of your time doing?:

What are your future goals?:
Do you have piercings, if so where?:

Do you do drugs?:
Do you drink?:
What books do you read?:
Would you wait for me if I told you I wasn't ready for a relationship?:

Are you spontaneous (if so give an example)?:

Would you send me flowers sometimes?:
If you were to give me a gift, would it be store bought or home made?:

Would you let me play my music in the car.... even if you hated it?:

Do you consider yourself a hopeless romantic?:

Do you live up to your first impressions?:

Anything you would like to tell me that I don't know yet?:
Anything you would like to ask me?:

Now pick a word... the first word that comes to mind and write it here:

[Transfered from my myspace blog]