Sunday, August 7, 2005

Another fun filled day... was hot! but i LOVE the hotness! i was sleeping so comfortable when my mom bursts into my room EARLY this morning to go BRA SHOPPING! CrAyZiNeSs!!!! i thought when i was in the philippines i would be used to waking up "before the cock crows in the morning!" and i was....but coming back here i got used to sleeping in. but come now...EIGHT IN THE MORNING! ON A SUNDAY! but it's was Pres and Julius's baby shower. I really can't wait for the baby to come! OMG! Baby Gerber food is NOT good! did i eat that stuff as a baby! my goodness! okay, i can deal with the smashed up fruit stuff....but not vegetables or chicken! take my word for it, it's gross! juss ask Mar <if you know her! :> well, i know that i'm gonna miss my kuya stephen, he is stationed in Germany. he left 15 minutes again for the airport, and he is really off at 1:am. i know that he is going through a tough time....but i hope that he knows that he is always in my prayers and in my heart. and i can't explain right now how much i miss my pinsan already over seas in the phills. Eddie. Dang eddie...i really do miss you a lot! i hope you know that too. but....yeah...i think this week will be fun. Volleyball, beach, kicking it with rara and lissa and jessie, then going down to fresno with the boys. i think it's gonna be FUN FUN FUN! lets juss hope soo and take things when they come! :)

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