Monday, August 22, 2005

Another day is ALMOST done...

you know that feeling you get when you step out of your comfort zone...that feeling that is inside of you stomach...that feeling of excitement and fear mixed up? well...iono if you get that feeling...but i know that i get that feeling when i go some place new...i know that i'm not SUPPOSE to care what other's think about me...but i do. i may not SHOW it...but deep down i do. when i started school today, i was so terrified...what if everyone in my class thinks that i'm...oh i don't know...whatever they think i am. but you know what!? i survived, and i LOVE my class! Art of Early Childhood Education! i absolutley LOVE it! i mean, you get college credit to play and do childhood art. and like most of you know...i am NOT an artistic person. i can not draw and all that fancy stuff...but when it comes to children's so easy...and it's not even all lecture! a person who suffer's from ADHD has a hard time sitting still...di ba?! well...that would be me...but this class actually gets my attention! we're actually DOING something, not juss sitting around taking notes...we are actually DOING the KIDS much more fun is that?! but i have to admit...THREE HOURS IS LONG! but i long as i'm having goes fast.
tell me if i'm wrong...but when you go to college, it's kasi you want too, right?! so why enroll in a class, and juss sit there while everyone is having fun and pout and complain how boring it is?! i mean...YOU do choose your classes right...? i know that there are those boring classes out there, that you HAVE to take...but this class is NOT one of i don't get it...why do these girls juss sit there complaining how boring it is?! it's juss the first day, how do they think they can SURVIVE the rest of the quarter! Iono, that was the main thing that kinda irked me...these way more maarte girls than me that think that the whole world revolves around them...and they are on their phone the WHOLE class period! i LEAST respect the teacher...but it's their money they are wasting i guess...but it does get distracting...
you know who i admire? those guys AND GIRLS out there that are fighting for our country. i got to talk to my kuya Stephen who is out in Germany...but will soon be sent to Iraq...i hope that he knows that i am proud of him.
i dont' get it...why do we HAVE to fight?! i mean people are always complaining the media has this effect on little know fighting and all that stuff...but how do they know that it's not from all the wars and fights that we have gotten ourselves into? i mean...why can't people juss talk out their differences? why does one place have to be more...iono the word...uhm...higher up i guess you can say that another place...why can't we all juss learn to live in harmony...then maybe our friends, brother's, sisters, cousins, uncles, parents won't have to go out and fight and die for us...but you know...I AM VERY PROUD OF THOSE WHO DO GO. i guess i'm being juss a girl about things...but it makes me sad to know that we have to resort to killing and hurting others to get our point accross.
as i was going to school today...i turned on the radio juss so that i can find a song to sing too so that i can calm my nerves...and  KNOW that this is such an old song...but you know that song "The First Cut Is The Deepest" by sherryl crow...yeah...that song was the song that i heard first. and as i was singing to that song, which i haven't heard in such a LONG time...i was thinking...that is true... i think the first time you got hurt sorta sets what your relationships will be in the future. i mean...this girl obviously wants to go for a relationship...but the trust is hard to get by...i guess. iono...juss thought of that one.
hm...well...another day is ALMOST done...and i should go and do something worth while instead of blogging my thoughts down...:)

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